Group Members

Nathalia Peixoto, PhD

I am an assistant professor of Bioengineering with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of GMU.  Until August 2006 I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Krasnow Institute, focusing on seizure control with low frequency electric fields.  I also developed microfabricated oxygen sensors to profile metabolic activity in cardiac cells at Stanford. During my PhD at USP (Brazil) I developed microelectrode arrays and investigated primary neuronal cultures. As part of my PhD project, I spent almost two years in Germany (in Bonn) as a researcher with the German Retina Implant project. During my Masters (at Unicamp, Brazil) I investigated the spreading depression phenomenon in the chicken retina.

My research interests include implantable electrodes and systems, hybrid systems (cell cultures and electronics), control of assistive technology, bioMEMS (bio-micro-electro-mechanical systems), and experimental models of neuro­pathologies such as epilepsy and spreading depression.

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Current research group

Name email (all at or current position Research Project Office Website / status
Mason Gutt Golden.Retriever.Lab.Mascot Eat all bones and stuffed neurons we come up with Ashburn  see figure above.
Neil Moser nmoser Biosensors n.a. PhD student (part time)
Hamid Charkhkar hcharkhk BCI 3918 PhD student
Saugandhika Minnikanti sminnika Carbon nanotube based structures 3918 PhD student
Akshay Deverakonda Thomas Jefferson HS LTP in cell cultures KI126 intern during summer of 2009. (junior, Thomas Jefferson High School)
Zainab H Benchekroun zhamedab snail cell cultures KI-126 apprentice Spring 2010, Junior CpE.
Sarah Choi schoik modeling/cell cultures 3914 sophomore/Honors College; Spring 2010
Sohaib Akhter sakhter2 Zii Egg software and bioinstrumentation junior in Bioengineering
Hossein G. Nik Engineer with Rhein Tech and iKare. Smooth control of assistive technology 3918
M.S. student
Keith Jamison Univ.Minnesota Biosensors with cell cultures STI-4 pseudo scientist
Alex Behnaz GoldWater Scholar (2010) Processing of Biological Signals KI-126 ECE student (apprentice, summer of 2009). Senior in EE
Mona Singh JHU Quantifying brain damage KI 126 undergraduate apprentice (Fall 07)
Senior, Social Sciences
Michael Sullivan Univ.Texas Bioamplifier and EMG wearable computer STII-268 undergrad apprentice (Spring 07)
Senior, ECE